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31 August 2020.
The Railway Magazine digital edition is published today and has an advert for World of Rail magazine and Keeping The Wheels Turning, the Stonehaven fundraising book.
As I write this , it's just turned 10.00 and already the website hits are going wild, with almost 1,000 hits so far today. This is a record for so early in the day for Chime Whistle Publishing! Thank you everyone :-)
10 August 2020.
It's been just two weeks since the first issue of World of Rail was published and the reviews have been fantastic! NON of the reviews are sponsored.
Twitter: @world_rail
FB: @WorldofRail
FREE UK delivery and bulk subscription rates for schools etc.
Flora Graham from Nature News: “We're loving the first issue of World of Rail magazine — great for train-loving young ones! (It's for over-9s but my 5-year-old also loved having it read to him and the pictures.)”
This from STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) Ambassador Dr Jo Montgomery: “Following a popular format for young people’s magazines of interesting and informative articles, news, readers’ contributions and puzzles, the magazine also seeks to highlight and promote women and girls in STEM in particular, and is a source of informal careers information. World of Rail is aimed at 9-15 year olds, and whilst the writing is accessible – explaining complex concepts in a simple way – it doesn’t dumb down the content. The magazine is also peppered with extra interest fact boxes. Articles are comprehensive and would easily appeal to adults as well.This new magazine will definitely appeal to young people interested in trains and railways, but it also includes lots of STEM in a relevant and recognisable context which could be of wider interest. ” 
Rolls Royce engineer and STEM ambassador Yin Wah Lou: “What better way to spend your weekend than reading the first issue of the World of Rail magazine? It’s aimed at young people but really anybody can enjoy it! Inspiring #STEM reading!”
 Support and Development Manager for Community Rail Paul Webster: “A magazine which appeals to the future generation of rail travellers and those looking to work in the rail industry ... and the next edition features
community rail too! What a combination! Suggest you get hold of World of Rail magazine now!”
PBS NewsHour Extra: “Teachers: Do you know about the Hiroshima tram girls (14 & 15 year olds) who drove trams during this time? (future issue of
World of Rail magazine) So many important aspects of #Hiroshima75 that can go beyond this important anniversary month.” 




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